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Motivated Consumers

With Industry-Leading Brands

TrafficPoint’s network of comparison portals help shoppers make smarter decisions about the products they buy

Our ever-growing portfolio of Top 5 comparison sites provide high-quality, relevant information for thousands of consumers, creating a space where they can connect confidently with the best brands in the sector. We already operate in the lifestyle, technology, and software platform sectors, and we continue to research and analyse new industries, only pursuing those where we feel we can bring real value to our users and our partners.

“Our SEM and marketing teams bring the most relevant traffic, our job is to provide those people with exactly what they need to make a happy buying decision.
The data we use tells us exactly what people are seeking. We aim to meet their needs with content that elucidates and inspires. It’s a constant process of analysis and optimization. Our mission is to create the first and last website a shopper will need to visit.”

Sarah G., Content Manager

Data guides us

Technology inspires us

Creativity brings it all together.

Data is the tool we use to truly understand people

It allows us to build an accurate picture of a buyer’s journey, from the beginning of their search to a final, confident purchasing decision. This data-inspired user journey drives our actions. Suffice to say, data is very important to us. It enables us to bring brands only the highest quality traffic, and to create sites that speak directly to potential customers.

*Data analysis and statistical modelling is the backbone of everything we do here at TrafficPoint. From our SEM traffic, through our portals, to the sales made by our partners. We use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to capture meaningful insights from the mass of data that we collect. It provides the basis for optimizing every aspect of our business.”

Yaara W., Data Analyst

By bringing real value to consumers looking for authoritative guidance, we deliver first-rate performance to our partner brands

If you’re as motivated as we are by providing exceptional value to users, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s do something great together.

“Business Development at TrafficPoint is unlike anywhere else. We’re encouraged to be creative, and we have a profound impact on the product itself. The work is diverse and requires me to research, optimize and analyse to reach my objectives.”

Tal R., Industry Manager (Antivirus, Home Security, Dating)


We really believe

we’re creating something special

The freshest and most innovative ideas only emerge in a work culture where people are given the confidence and space to explore better solutions. We have high standards, for sure. But with a clear-eyed focus on our goals, and an emphasis on openness and collaboration, we’ve created a place where people – and careers – can flourish. We think the results speak for themselves. Our company continues to thrive, and that’s all thanks to our people.

“The coolest thing about working here is the sheer diversity of technologies we work with.We always use the best tool for the job, and if one doesn’t exist – we create it. Every day is a new challenge, and there’s always something to learn. The force is strong in our team!”

Barak H., Full -Stack


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