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Trafficpoint operates a comparison site platform that covers 35+ industries. Our sites connect millions of high-intent consumers with knowledge, key insights, and necessary tools to empower them with the confidence to make informed decisions about products and services.

35+ Categories
2M+ Monthly Visitors
70K+ Monthly Leads

Where consumers, brands, lead-gen and ROI meet.

Our websites are user-centric and improve
the consumer's online journey to finding products & services
to suit their needs while accelerating hyper-growth for business partners.
Performance is key
We are ROI driven and deliver high quality lead generation for our partners.
Consumer focused
Our websites provide users with the knowledge to make the most informed purchasing decision.
Search excellence
We attract high-intent users with paid search which allows you to be seen by top buyers looking for solutions like yours.
We care
We strive to provide you with the highest levels of customer service and are goal driven, as when you win, so do we.

Comparison Network

Our comparison sites are built with the user in mind, and cover a wide range of industries such as technology, software, lifestyle, finance, and more. Here are some of our selected industries and sites:

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