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TrafficPoint, an online commerce company, is leading the way in the field of product and service comparison sites

TrafficPoint helps consumers discover and connect with quality brands through a network of online comparison sites. We assist thousands of consumers in making smarter decisions about the products they’re searching for, by providing in-depth, relevant information combined with powerful comparison tools. Our sites cover a wide range of industries, such as software, technology, and lifestyle, and we’re always on the lookout for new sectors that bring real value to our users and partners.


Our network is built on the principle that finding the right solution should be simple, painless, and productive.

We found that the amount of information online is overwhelming, while the quality and reliability is underwhelming. At TrafficPoint, we wanted to create a way to cut down user search times, while providing objective, reliable information all in one place. Our goal is to help users find the right solution in no time.


Data is key to understanding our users, the market, and the buyer’s journey.

Data enables us to remove obstacles in order to speed up the search process. Data aggregation, analysis, and statistical modeling are the backbone of everything we build. By utilizing advanced data analysis technology and building cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, we can capture meaningful insights from the data we collect. This allows us to optimize every aspect of our business, creating sites that speak directly to potential customers.


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Who are we?

We’re a group of researchers, developers, writers, designers, analysts, account managers and more, that are committed to simplifying the product and service discovery process. We couldn’t find a tool we liked, so we created TrafficPoint. Our shared goal helps us foster a work environment that is collaborative, fun, and purposeful. We’re located in the center of Tel Aviv, and our company has over 50 employees, and we’re still growing. Check out our Careers page if you’re interested in joining a dynamic and exciting team.

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